Saturday, May 15, 2010

I will survive... maybe.

Pauly is spending the weekend at Mimi and Papa's house.
I met Mimi, Papa, Aunt Cece and Carti half way Thursday night (they live about 4 hours away)
and then we'll meet again on Sunday after church.

He has been looking forward to this for the last couple weeks-
- talking constantly about his horse at Papa's house? (what horse?)
- watching Fox and the House with Mimi and Carti
- eating ice cream and popcorn with Papa
I know he is having a BLAST!
Yesterday, he went with Mimi to get her hair done
and then they went to practice roping with Papa, Aunt Cece and Carti Rae. Mimi has been sending me pics of Pauly which has been helping me get through the day.
I can't wait to see all the pictures of all of them playing in the dirt at the arena.
(I heard they got filthy!)

I've been getting a lot of things done not to mention the additional sleep.
William and I have been breezing through errands! ... and naps.
We can't wait to have our little man back.

Thank you Mimi, Papa and Aunt Cece for such a nice break
and Carti for helping to show Pauly
some good old fashioned country fun!

Mama loves and misses you Pauly!

Let me know how you survived letting your kids go for the first time -
How old were they?
And do you have any tricks on helping them to not get homesick?
I'll be back Monday to show you more pictures of Pauly's weekend at Mimi and Papa's House.
Happy Weekend!


redeemed diva said...

You are going to survive. You are resilient!!!

redeemed diva said...

Thanks for the song


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