Monday, May 17, 2010

Pauly's weekend with Mimi and Papa

Here are the pics as promised - If you didn't read my last post - Pauly went and spent the weekend with his Mimi and Papa.
Thank you Mimi for capturing all these cool pictures
so I could see what y'all had been up to.
This is a picture of him playing while Papa was ropin'. This looks like the perfect place to play in the dirt.Here is Papa getting ready to rope.
(He's been roping with that man on the far right for over 30 years - isn't that cool?)Carti's butt drive me nuts!

Here is Pauly getting to sit on Papa's heading horse. Yippie!
If you don't know what I mean by ropin' aka Team Roping is click here
If you don't think it is fair for the steer... Sorry - it is just what we do. Good girl Splash! The kids love Splash!

Okay, these next pics are of the kids the next day at the park.
That tire, I played on it when I was little. Very cool!
Higher Papa!

Carti and Paul are best buds!


Hey Pauly? Do you love the goat?
(Look at Aunt Cece back there
acting like she can read)
Hey Pauly!
Do you want Papa to make you pancakes for breakfast?

Thanks again Mimi, Papa and Aunt Cece for
taking care of my little boy and showing him a wonderful time!
He is already wanting to go back.


Taylor said...

Looks like fun! Loved the big tire! :) The pancakes pictures were cute. :)

Shelley in SC said...

Oh, just love those wonderful grandparents!! What fun!

Brambleberry said...

How much fun is that?! What a blessing!!

Annikke said...

Looks like a great time!!

Between You and Me said...

beautiful post...thanks for stopping by my place....I've loved looking through your archives!

Now a happy follower!


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