Wednesday, May 12, 2010

eenie meenie miny mo

We met up with some friends today at the park!
They had a remote control Lightening McQueen! & Pauly was in heaven!

William was pretty happy too!

He totally fell asleep in the swing.
So chunky! 6 months old!!!
He is loving his tub times lately!
My boys!
One of my favorites!
Pauly is a very serious block builder! He is so proud in this picture I just love it!

"I miss the days when decisions were made by eenie, meenie miny mo, agreements were made with pinky promises and boys had cooties." - Unknown


Annikke said...

LOVE those chubby cheeks! So squeezable!

The block builder has every right to be proud.. he is an awesome block builder!

Sandra said...

He is just adorable, I love his cheeks :)

tara said...

so darling, aren't days like this the best!! happy weekned to you and yours!! xo, Tara

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