Tuesday, May 11, 2010

from scratch

On Mother's Day I woke up as usual and got the boys going, got them ready for church and off we went.

Church was pretty nice as I spent most of it downstairs with William who refuses to take a nap during church anymore - so I haven't heard a message for a while. BUT, staying downstairs in the nursery is always a joy as I can visit with the other mamas and that is always a nice time.

After church, we came home and my husband whipped up some waffles (from scratch) and turkey link breakfast sausage (if you haven't tried these - Do! they're yummy!) I ate so much! I was hungry and they were so. de. licious!

After stuffing myself to the brim with his amazing waffles - I got a 2 hour nap. ahhhh. sleep. sleep is a beautiful gift.

I got a sweet little card from them and my day was pretty amazing! The thought that kept going through my head over and over was... two boys. I have two boys. I can't believe it. I can't believe how blessed I am to have two beautiful boys and an amazing husband.

I was watching Grey's Anatomy once (note: not a devoted fan of Grey's - it's kinda dirty) and on this particular episode (maybe you saw it) there was a young gal that had been a terrible accident while she was traveling. She was in the hospital and she would have a nurse send her mother emails telling her that she was fine and enjoying her trip while really she was nearly paralyzed and needing many surgeries. The nurse didn't understand why she didn't want to tell her mother what happened so she could have some support while she was recovering. The young lady told the nurse that her mother has repeatedly told her throughout her entire life that she needs to be careful, as she made her from scratch.

I always think about this - it is just something that has stuck in my brain regarding my babies.

Daily, I think why can't Pauly just get out of this funk, this not minding, headstrong funk he is in - and why can't William start sleeping through the night, every night? I keep wishing for the next phase so I can get some housework done, get some sleep, etc.

I had a lady at the grocery store (and mind you, this wasn't the first time I was reminded of this) standing near by me when I was trying to get Pauly to behave and I was a little overwhelmed, you know how it is when you have the kids and you're alone at the grocery store - but she said before you know it those boys will be 20 years old and you'll be wishing you had them back here whining at you in the grocery store...

Jeez lady! Okay! Live in the moment and not wish it away - I get it.

She really is right though, no matter how blunt she was. I don't want to wish later on (though I probably will anyway) but I don't want any regrets and that's the truth of it.

So I'll keep waking up at 11 pm, 3 am, 5 am, 7 am - if that is what little man needs and I'll stay on my toes with Mr. Paul for when he needs me to keep him busy and help him keep learning and behaving and I'll be happy in my work.

My babies mean the world to me - as I made them....

from scratch.


Shelley in SC said...

You're getting it, Girl! God's good to send us reminders . . . keeping us with perspective. You're going to be so glad you accepted and enjoyed your "dailies."

Annikke said...

I often have to remind myself that one day my kids will be gone and I will wish they were back with me... but sometimes that isn't easy!

redeemed diva said...

You are a great mama, Lady! Keep loving and living in the moment and with the future in mind!
Hugs xoxo


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