Sunday, May 9, 2010


She was born in September.
She has one brother.
She has dark brown hair.
She has dark brown eyes.
She has an almost exact replica.... me.
She was raised in the country on a farm.
She has lived in the same town almost all her life.
She wore long brown braids and rode horses every day.
She was a cheerleader.
She roped.
She tied goats.
She ran barrels.
She had a red and white pickup and horse trailer (Pete and Repete)
She met my dad in college.
She fell in love.
She married my dad and a little over a year later I was born.
She had my sister two years later.
She had our baby sister three years later from that.
She let us have baby calves, chickens, sheep and rabbits.
She single-handedly kept a place going while my dad had to work.
She had three teenage daughters.
She made sure we made it to every basketball, volleyball, track, dance and rodeo our heart desired.
She worked at a pharmacy and made delicious beverage concoctions.
She was happy.
She was sad.
She was alone... a lot.
She was strong.
She can cook and bake.
She can craft.
She has three beautiful grown daughters.
She's a friend.
She says warsh.
She is a Mimi.
She had three grand babies born in a 6 month span one year.
She has 5 grand kids.
She lived in her kitchen for almost 6 years while Dad built their dream home.
She's encouraging.
She's patient.
She's loving.
She likes edamame. (or was it who'syourmommy)
She's funny!
She works hard.
She plays hard.
She blogs.
She - presses on.
She has a deep down raw kind of love for God.
She loves to sing to him.
She holds his hand.
She knows her heart relies on him.
She adores my dad, and he her.
She's beautiful.
She's kind.
She's mine.

I'm blessed.

I love you to the moon, Mama.


Jackie said...

I love you more than my own life. I am so thankful for all those times.....good, great, bad and just real bad. For that I know was God working in all of us. He loves us so much he works in ways we just don't see or understand.
To the moon my sweet sweet girl.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Happy Mothers Day to both of you!

redeemed diva said...

lovely! Happy mother's day!


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