Wednesday, May 5, 2010

As long as we let it.

When I was in Elementary School, every Wednesday after school my sister and I would go to Junior Worshipers. From our school we would walk over to the church. We would learn the books of the Bible, sing songs, memorize verses and listen to a short message from pastor.

I was blogging around yesterday and found this blog and she has a memory verse on her post from yesterday that is from Habakkuk... I thought - Habakkuk? Is that even a book in the Bible? The verse looked familiar and her words seems very pleasant and caring.

So I dashed for my Bible and there it was - in the last part of the Old Testament.

I felt so foolish.

I knew I needed to get into the word more - but I didn't realize that I had forgotten about/ didn't recognize names of book in the Bible.

I love reading my Bible and when I do -

I feel better.

I feel at peace.

I feel... him.

I was getting ready for my Mama's Group yesterday and found a little poem in my Bible.

"Little drops of water,
little grains of sand,
Make the might ocean and
the pleasant land.

So the little minutes, humble
though they be,

Make the mighty ages of
~Julia A Fletcher Carney
I often struggling with procrastination.
Honestly, often is an understatement.
This quote made me think a lot more about things that I've been putting off for tomorrow (or the next year) -
bettering my health,
taking the time to cuddle with my husband and hold his hand,
taking the time to play on the floor with Paul
or taking that extra moment to love on William
or maybe just make a quick phone call to a loved one.
It also made me think about consistency with my kids regarding love and discipline -
Every day counts.
Every opportunity means something.
Every memory lasts.
As long as we let it.
- - Now I'm off to relearn the books of the Bible - -

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