Tuesday, May 4, 2010


About twice a week for breakfast I make eggs. Ben usually passes as for some reason they make his tummy upset. But Pauly and I love them.

When I'm hustling around and can't quite get a second I throw eggs (well not really) into a pan and we have boiled eggs. Usually I put them in a little frying pan with a little butter and water, cover them with a lid and they stay all soft and delicious - I think that is called basting.

I am not a fan of fried eggs!

I will eat eggs just about any way BUT NOT FRIED! ick!

My sister recently followed Julia Child's directions and poached an egg in boiling water and she said the inside of it was like delectable cheese sauce.

I have never poached an egg.

I buy regular large eggs and we usually go through one and a half packs a month between breakfasts and baking goodies. Do you ever buy the egg substitute? I've been wondering about that.

I have also only tried one other variation of eggs and that was Quail eggs. It was at a Brazilian Grille Buffet and I'd have to say, Not a fan! It was too "fishy" in the egg sense.

I've had fish eggs on sushi and they weren't "fishy" at all.
THEY are delicious!

Ya feelin' me?

Anyhow, just curious if you can suggest any other variation of eggs (ostrich,egg substitute, etc.) and tell me how do you like your eggs?

P.S. ALSO! not that I'm doing a very good job of following this gal's directions or getting my assignments done on time (but I am taking mental notes and I AM working on labeling all of my posts - that just takes FOREVER!) ... but go on over and check out her new series of ...

She has great ideas and is super funny! Enjoy!


Misty said...

I'm with Ben... eggs aren't too great for my tummy. every once in awhile though, a good eggwhite only omelet really rocks my world... and boiled eggs on salad is a bit like heaven.
then again, salad is a bit like heaven so it likely has more to do with the salad and less to do with the egg...

anyhow, i digress...

quiche and frittatas are morning egg staples, throughout the week, at our house. and classic scrambled. birds in a nest are a genny favorite... egg white only substitute is really great if you are doing a frittata but otherwise- real eggs are best. (plus they are a whole food so really they ARE best.)

also, breakfast burritos. scrambled eggs, a little cooked breakfast meat and some diced/sauteed veggies. Major family favorite, around here. :)

redeemed diva said...

Hi Lady,
Thanks for the plug. We buy farm fresh eggs from our friends. Ymmmm....I don't eat much meat products, but this is one I WILL not part with!!!!

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