Tuesday, March 2, 2010



Annikke said...


redeemed diva said...

Me likes

Krista said...

I tackled my spring cleaning one room at a time. I spent some time in each room and I wrote up a list of things that I wanted to do. Then I divided it into 6 days. that way I could work on it a little each day and not feel overwhelmed. I think as moms we have a really full plate and extra cleaning is hard to fit in. I usally start my project in january so that I can be outside when the nice weather hits. Just remember that you are a wonderful wife and mother. Take it a step at a time, you can do it!

the lady of the house said...

Krista! You are so helpful and kind. Thanks gal!

Shelby said...

I really like this--did you make it? I think it would look really fun printed big and hung up in your home somewhere. Your little one is getting so chubby and sweet--what a cutie!

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