Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too Tight!

Well this is something I have been putting off... I don't know exactly why it isn't as if I didn't have a booster chair or I didn't want him to "GROW UP TOO FAST" I think it was pure laziness and letting him eat in his high chair was easier to contain the beast as well as the beast's grub! BUT the other night I was watching him eat his nightly bowl of cereal before he goes to sleep (YES, he eats a bowl of cereal just about every night - I told you BEAST!) Anyhow, he was just bulging out of his high chair. It was hilarious so I got a few pics. This morning I woke up and sat him at the table with his little booster chair, a place mat and his grub. He loved it! It really is TOO FAST!


Krista said...

Don't worry, soon you will be glad he is so big becasue you will have your hands full of your new little one. I know I am greatful for my big girl.

Jackie said...

It won't be long and he will have out-grown the booster!
to the moon

Brian and Jodi Brown said...

Big boy! He does look a lot more comfy mamma.

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