Monday, October 12, 2009

Coastal Kitchens

** Okay, Okay - I suck. I still haven't put my boys' before and after pics on here. I only have a hand full of more things to do. I'll get on it and not let you down. Oh! and also my front door pic. Soon to come! Promise this week! Promise

Now that we've got that out of the way - on to Coastal Kitchens!
These are some pics I have come upon lately that I am just drooling over. I have a very Coastal Cottage style. I love color but still love neutrals and I adore any type of natural detail such as wicker, shells, sea grass and of course flowers and plants!!

Here they are... Enjoy!
Purrrr...... Open shelving. If only I had the room... and the basket light shades with the white paneling wall... lovely textures!
Look at that starfish garland... I'm not sure I like the cabinetry in this kitchen it is a little too fancy for me but I love the garland! I've got to find me some... google it right!

This light blue is the color I was considering using in my kitchen. I'm really struggling and maybe I'll get y'all to give me your opinion. This kitchen is spacious and I love the long open counter top under the windows where the topiaries are... I think I would want to have a line of herbal plants there in white pots. Fresh herbs for cooking! num! num!

This kitchen is awesome! I love the upper cabinets with the awesome sea grass inserts & that scalloped edge - kind of a fan! I likey!

I so want to paint the wood floor (crappy wood floor) in my kitchen, living/dining area. This flannel-type look is super fabulous don't cha think? Also totally love that center island and all of the open cabinetry, and of course those lights over the center island - this is a tad too modern for this gal but I could deal...

Now, this totally speaks to me. I love a tad of shabby. The doorway is fabulous! Look at all the little signage everywhere, on the bowls, cups, canisters. I love the colors and it all just whispers...Come and sit and have some delicious coffee (Not tea - I don't like tea -- unless it is ice tea ;) then you can take a nap if you like," ... believe me - I LIKE!

The floor and ceiling are totally fascinating! Love Love the island with the cookbooks under there all stacked up and it is just a super welcoming space... It is okay to dream...

I love everything about this! The sideboard, the striped table, chandelier - I'm totally looking for a thrifty chandy for my dining nook. Right now I have a totally ugly ceiling fan. Boooo! Scare me!

Now, Don't you love apron sinks? These two are fab! and love the open shelving! So Charming!!

I love getting ideas and thinking what I could do in my thrifty price range to accomplish a similar look. Super fun! Toodles, The Lady


redeemed diva said...

Sister of my heart! I LOVE coastal cottages too! In fact, that is what I am reno-ing my house into right now. Well, sorta. My husband H.A.T.E.S. the coastal blue. He calls it robin egg puke...but aside from that we are doing a cottage look to our place. :)

Diann said...

Ahhhh ... these are lovely. I've been drooling over decorating magazines for the past few days. Can't think why, but I'm trying to write it off as nesting urges. Anyway, every time I read these things, my brain starts cogitating on ways I can rearrange my house to make it work better for me. Of course my husband starts shuddering at the thought that I'm going to rearrange the furniture again ...

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