Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Fav


She's got a baby inside

And holds her belly tight

All through the night

Just so she knows

She's sleeping so

Safely to keep

Her growing

Oh when she'll open her eyes

There'll be no surprise

She'll grow to be so beautifully

just like her mother that's carrying

Oh Capri

She's beauty

Baby inside

She's loving

Oh Capri

She's Beauty

there is an angel growing peacefully

Oh Capri

Sweet Baby

Things will be hard at times

But I've learned to try just listening patiently

Oh Capri

Sweet Baby

Oh Capri

She's Beauty

Baby inside she's loving

Oh Capri

you're beauty

Just like your mother

that's carrying

By: Colbie Caillat

**I was playing around on playlist.com and ran on to this song... I love it! I added it to my playlist down below- Go down to the bottom of this page and click on it and take a listen!**


Brian and Jodi Brown said...

whoa... so sweet.

Jackie said...

That is a sweet, sweet song.

to the moon


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