Friday, October 9, 2009

Shelley in SC

Have you stumbled upon her? She is usually the gal leaving super encouraging comments and if you have linked up with her blog, you may have found that her writing is SUPER FUN! She is a great writer and she adds in highlights of her daily life leaving you smiling, crying, in deep thought, or ... again, encouraged!

Through my pregnancy she has been super encouraging and obviously I can count on her blog to make me smile! She is by no means perfect and will admit to it but, her posts have a lot of wisdom and I find myself often, tipping my head to the side thinking, "I see what she means -" I know you'll fall in love with her blog and what it can add to your day! The title that streams across her header is "Living with Imperfection - Finding Humor, Beauty, and Joy in the Everyday Ness of Life.

Thank you Shelley in SC for being so fabulous! I've so enjoyed your blog and your sweet comments!

Her post yesterday was one of my favorites so far and here is the link to check it out - it is titled Hot Coffee and Lessons Learned -

Check it out - you'll love her!

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