Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pauly at the Park!!

Today before mama's doctor appointment we went to the park.
At the park I like to go down the slide, (even if they have water on them and mama warned me that I was going to get all wet)
I like to go through the tube,
play with the fun games,
and run on the grass.
Sometimes I fall down,
but I get right back up and start running again! I can run fast!
I love the Park!


Jackie said...

Awesome post. You could write school books, like the "Fun with Dick and Jane" ones, Look Jane, see Spot run, see Spot run fast.
See Spot, what the heck is spot doing on the lawn? Yuck, never mind.
to the moon

Brian and Jodi Brown said...

I love your pictures. Fun to see that little man. He is growing so fast.

Misty Hilzman said...

Your pictures bout made me cry...actually I teared up., I don't even think pregnancy did this. These are so sweet and perfect. I am so excited to get to experience all of this soon. I love keeping up with all of your posts on both blogs!


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