Friday, October 9, 2009

My Boys

It was such a beautiful day. This morning I got up early with the boy and we had our breakfast and did our morning thing - Ben was off work today so he slept in a little and once he got up I was feeling a little worn out so I went back to bed.

Ben tended the boy and they hung out and went and played outside. I woke up to them playing on the front step - Ben was reading his book and Pauly was... of course, running around- his favorite thing!

I snapped these pics and I really love them! They are by no means professional or perfect looking by no means but MAN! I'm having a blast with my new camera!


Jackie said...

You are doing real good with your new camera. Just keep going.
Those are some really awesome pictures. I love the one with the feet and Pauls are crossed.
To the moon

Misty said...

Cute! I love them! :)

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