Monday, October 12, 2009

a little somethin' somethin'

I miss - My sisters!
I am so loving - singer: Regina Spektor lately - you might of seen her on SNL the other night. She's beautiful and her voice is heavenly!

I wish - that my house was fantastically clean and perfectly organized before my little man arrives.

Something that made me laugh recently - when my husband sneezed while he was sitting on the couch across from where I was sitting in my chair and he totally nailed me! (Made me laugh after I almost barfed!)

I'm hungry for - Fresh tomato sliced on Toast w/ Mayo and Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

I'm listening to - Wait for me, Rebecca St. James (LOVE HER!)

My boys are - Hubby is sitting in living room reading his book (what else is new) and the boy is taking his afternoon nap

Daphnie is - sitting on the rug beside my bed (where I'm sitting blogging) attempting to jump on the bed but she knows better!

Dinner tonight is - Mexican Pulled Pork in Corn tortillas with cheese, sour cream and don't forget the cilantro!

I'm drinking - out of my favorite big hot pink water bottle full of delicious ice water! I prefer ice water over any other drink. I know I'm odd!

Favorite picture I've took recently - is this one...

I see out the window - our poor little garden... All Gone!
Now I'm going to - take a nap!


Krista said...

Sounds like a peacful moment in time:)

redeemed diva said...

I love ice water best too. But, come on, are you really having that for dinner? Did you save doing this post until you were having a totally fantastic dinner? I'm drooling over here (I don't eat pork, but the description sounded really good)!!! Sounds like a good day.

Shelby said...

Fun! I love filling out things like this--I might have to steal it for my own neglected blog. :)


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