Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not sure...

Well... you all are probably thinking... What? What has she been thinking long and hard about...what is she not sure about?

I've been thinking about consolidating this blog and my other blog which is called herhousehold for a while and with our new little Mr. coming (via c-section on Tuesday, Nov. 3) so quickly! I've decided I am going to figure out a way to do it! For the longest time I was trying to post on both and it was kind of fun for a while but I think I'll really enjoy posting on just one blog and include family pics over there as well.

Originally, herhousehold was kind of supposed to be like recipes, housecleaning tips, financial budget tips, little family event ideas, encouraging stories and scripture and so on... I think what I'll do is combine them and it will be a combination of all things - which will be more manageable for me (soon to be mother of 2) and much enjoyable for all my readers... So for now, consider this a "heads up" and after little Mr. man is born - I'll do one last post and direct everyone to herhousehold after that...

So yes, Dos will be arriving no later than Tuesday, Nov. 3 via c-section. If he happens to come before then I would be hugely surprised because... as in the way my husband and now my doctor says it ... my cervix is "LOCKED DOWN!" except I don't do it as well as my husband because he does it in a Sean Connery accent... he's a mess! I feel so blessed for every one's encouragement through this pregnancy. You all are truly blessings!

We sure can't wait to see this little guy, my mom is coming to Boise on Sunday for a whole week... I'm so spoiled! Pauly is going to have such a blast with his Mimi and Papa to himself and that makes me so happy! It will take me a while to get on and post some pics but I will do it as soon as I can. Your prayers would be much appreciated! Love you all, Sami Jo

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Phillips Family said...

aaaahhhhh..... mommy of 2 to be!... make sure and send me an invite to your other blog (I never knew you had another one) good luck w your c-section, all will be just fine.

Good luck cant wait to see pics!


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