Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goody Goody Gumdrops!

Well I am so thrilled to announce that as of Nov. 3rd our little man will for sure be born. The plan is if I happen to go naturally between now and then that is great but come around to Tuesday morning and he hasn't came ole doc is going to do a c-section.

Big brother was a 32 labor ending up in finally having a c-section after "pure he**"
from Tuesday at 2 p.m. till he was born at noon on Thursday... Ugggh! My doctor is not going to let me go through that again and actually it is not recommended... so there really is not much of a chance this little stinker will come before Tuesday but if he does we won't stop him *wink*wink*

Till then, I'm just taking it pretty easy, cleaning, and preparing for the laid up couple weeks after. I did pretty awesome with my c-section with Little Guy and was up and walking around the next morning. AND those nurses were brutal!!! They were demanding I pee that next morning and I was pretty sure that nurse was on crack! BUT she was a genius and had the coolest trick... if you are ever trying to go pee when you are in the hospital after you have a surgery do this! Sit down on the toiler and have a cup of water with a straw and all you have to do is well... think about it for a second and if it doesn't work then blow through a straw into the water in the cup and IMMEDIATELY you will go! Is that genius or what! I could of kissed the nurse that told me that!

I'm a little freaked out but over all I'm just super excited to see our little Mr. and can't wait to bring him home, get on my road to recovery and start our life as Family of Four!!!... well and 1/2 (counting Dapher Doo)...

I'm so blessed as my mom is totally coming for the whole week! Yay!

We still haven't shared his name with anyone except for Big Brother and even when we turn around and ask him what the baby's name is he says..... Nemo.... Cars.... Buzz!!!!! Cracks us up! He will even tell you that is his own name. He and the doctor got into a little recalling movie quote bit at the dr's office today and there was one point that the ole doc was yelling Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! and Big brother was just about rollin' with laughter! (I really hope he doesn't start saying that... Mama and Daddy would put the Kabosh! to that real quick!)

I just want to say again how much I sure appreciate all of your kind words and encouragement during my pregnancy and am not afraid to ask for any prayers you can send our way during this next week! Thank you loves!

I will be posting here and there this next week and it will probably take me a little while after to post some pics but I won't forget you guys!
xoxo, The Lady


Shelby said...

It will be so exciting to have him here finally! Good luck, and I'll be thinking about you! :)

redeemed diva said...

Yay! glad to hear you have a date for the baby. I pray that all goes well for you.
By the way, loving the new look here at your "house"

Krista said...

Good luck!

Janean said...

congrats! this is such an exciting time for you and your family. May "The Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you" Numbers 6:25


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