Saturday, October 24, 2009

Evenings at the Melton Home...

Usually evenings at the Melton Home consists of lots of playing with the Rugby Ball... Pauly is getting really good at catching it and he loves to play with his daddy! It is pretty funny because when they are playing catch... out of the corner of his eye he watches me to see if I'm watching it... And daddy being the pure stinker he is usually pelts him with it when he isn't "watching the ball" because God knows we are trying to train him for the championships NOW! It's pretty funny - Pauly like showing off for me... I love it!Oh Lord! I'm a dork! Pauly brought these little racket thingies out of his toy box the other night and I put mine on my head because we didn't have a ball to play with so why not accessorize.... ha!! (btw - I am wearing a shirt --it is all about comfort right now!)But look how cute Pauly looks... okay we are both dorks!

1 comment:

Misty said...

being a dork is vital. :)

Fun times!


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