Friday, October 23, 2009

Everything will be okay! Mama has a potato peeler!

So... the other day I was attempting to make Shepherd's Pie with ground beef and I was ready to get crackin' in the kitchen. I had out my potatoes, carrots and onion and went to find my potato peeler and it was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! Knowing my husband had been doing A LOT of the cooking - I thought...well maybe it broke on him and he forgot to tell me about it. I called him up and he said he didn't know anything about it and thought it should be there somewhere. So of course I went digging through all the drawers, NOTHING, then I decided maybe it fell down behind the drawers... still nothing! I pulled the oven out! NOTHING! I went through all my cupboards thinking that one of us put away a mixing bowl/casserole dish/pan or something with that little critter in it! STILL NOTHING! So I drove myself nuts looking for it and finally decided - we'll have tacos instead...
I'm sure it is somewhere in that kitchen, unless when one of us were peeling carrots we accidentally threw it away into the garbage when we were cleaning off the cutting board or something silly like that. I have NOT gone through the toy box but little man doesn't reach up on the counter tops and take things... he just doesn't do that... yet... And just think if it finally does show up having two peelers is a... Good Thing.
So for the next couple days after the disappearance - I kept looking and looking and still NOTHING! So then yesterday, little man and I went to the grocery store and ...
bought a new one! Only $1.72 and I have my sanity back! Thank you Jesus! Used it last night to peel potatoes for our Roasted Chicken dinner... Num!And for dessert Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies...Unfortunately totally turned out mediocre :(

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