Thursday, October 15, 2009

Before and After Pictures of my Boys' Room!!!

(remember these should look as terrible as possible for the best shock factor... right?)

After: Purrrrrrr......

view from the door

What I did: I made the canvas initials (how I did it here), made the window streamer, I repainted the dressers the dark blue and painted the knobs white (one used to be light blue and other dark green - but were made by same company), the baby's bedding is reused from when little guy was born, (purchased at Target)the little brown bear was mine given to me by an aunt when I was little, the ABC blocks (also on the shelf) where part of a center piece for little guy's shower, I purchased the little rubber duckies (Walmart), repainted the tiny little shelf that came from a thrift store for $3 (used to be light oak tone), these books were a gift for Dos from a little church gal at my baby shower at church and the cars where my husband's when he was little, again I painted the canvas initials and I also painted the little canvases on the right (I copied blocks from the ABC bedding little guy's bedding is a quilt my grandma made my husband and I for our wedding (it has light and dark denim squares with a few personal items embroidered on it), you can barely see the side of the toy box there which was mine when I was little,didn't these turn out fantabulous!!!? I'm not showing the full initials for Dos because his name is a secret... is a little giraffe I got for little man for his first Valentine's Day and the little pillow goes with the ABC bedding, there is little guy's trike he got from Mimi and Papa for his birthday and Poo Bear was a cousin's first and then she gave it to little man and the little red bag is packed already just in case we have a "baby emergency" - (I'm an over planner...)

I am so excited of how it all turned out and we are so thrilled to add in the little man missing very soon! Hope you enjoyed visiting our little boys' room.

Have a great weekend,

God Bless, The Lady of the House


Jackie said...

HOLY COW! after the first two or three pictures I was going to tell you to call the cops, cause someone had broke in and ramsacked the babies room. Glad you explained that is was before and after.
to the moon

Jackie said...

ummmmmmmmmm have you seen my grandson?
You should of put him in the before picture and asked us to find him!
to the moon

Linda@Coastal Charm said... looks great!!!! I just luv the Pooh Bear on the's soooo cute! Hope the little ones enjoy all you did. Hope you have a fun and safe weekend.


redeemed diva said...

Ohlala! I love what you did with the place! I especially like the triangle flags on the window and the bear on the bike. So cute...loved how you started it with the "shock factor" comment

Diann said...

Wonderful! This is the perfect combination of absolutely darling and sentimentality. You've got quite a knack for pulling things together.

Talia said...

everything looks SO cute!! (and ready-- you are set for that baby :))

I love the initials you did. What a neat idea.

Yay for decorating!!

hungeryjack said...

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