Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wednesday's Work Day List:

1. Finish Initial Boards for Boys' Rooms - Check! (See pics below)

2. Iron curtains and hung - Check!

3. Iron Little Mr.'s coming home outfit - Check!

4. Tidy Kitchen, prep and make dinner - Check!

5. Clean Bathroom

6. Decorate front door for Fall - Check!

7. 2 Loads of Laundry (I'll be almost caught up - just in time to try and keep up *wink*)

I am definitely a decorator on a budget! These are some canvases my husband had got me last year for Christmas and they have just been sitting around for a special project - just... like... this... one...

So, First! I painted them all with a white base coat. I used just plain white craft paint - I think I bought all my paints at Wal-mart and Jo-Ann's Crafts...

Next, I painted creamy tan stripes on them...

Then I went to the computer and picked out a font I liked from Word and hand drew on the letters of my boys' first, middle and last initials... I plan to put our last name initial in the middle so I did make the last name initial about 2 inches larger than the first and middle initials which obviously the first initial will go on the left side and the middle initial will be on the right side... like this - PME...Finally, I painted the letters black. Now, these are by no means perfect... but I sure love them and can't wait

to hang them in their bedroom.

I'm hope to post a picture soon of the finale of their bedroom. I'm guessing it will be at the latest by Friday this week as long as everything goes good.

I do have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and it is my first one of the every week ones... how delightful huh! So we'll see what ole doc says tomorrow. I feel great though!

Got my Chicken, Baked Potatoes and Broccoli goin' for dinner and I still need to clean that darn bathroom and do a couple loads of laundry... I think I'll do some laundry tonight while I watch my Gilmore Girls I got from Netflix today... Hooray for Netflix!!! hmmm we'll see about that bathroom... tee hee


Krista said...

The most important to-do is to take care of youself. Try not to stress about the little things. Your body need lots of rest. Please be careful and don't over do it!

redeemed diva said...

Girl, we are never caught up on laundry. It's a myth! I do like the idea of the front door decor. Please post a pic when it's checked off the list!

Todd & Jackie Echeverria said...

It won't be long now.
Sorry that all I can do it watch from my computer.
I do think of you all the time.
Are you drinking enough water?

to the moon

Diann said...

First I must say, I admire your creativity. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Secondly, I concur with whomever said it above ... Laundry is a never ending chore. It's probably why it's my least favorite. I swear I did laundry all one day. Everything that was dirty in the house. Somehow there was still half a basket when all was said and done. And that's just with the two of us!

Try to spend some time with your feet up, good luck with the doctor's appointment and keep us posted on how things are going!

Annikke said...

Remember not to over do it! Just to maintain our laundry I do one load a day, start it in the morning, move it to the dryer in the afternoon, fold and put away in the evening. That works pretty well for me. I love the painted canvas!


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