Thursday, October 15, 2009

those three little words...

Last night, our little guy was done playing, finished eating his (nightly) bowl of cereal, he had his jammies on and was sitting by daddy relaxing before it was time for him to go get in to bed.

As we all sat there I hand signed to him I-love- you (which I've done this ever since he was just tiny and for the longest time he would just throw back his had and laugh or roll his eyes. Every time I signed it, I would also say the words....and this time he pointed right back at me and said "I lo lu" and then pointed to daddy and said "I lo lu" and back and forth and back and forth.
Totally made me tear up! As emotional I am already, this is definitely something that everyone adores to hear especially from their children. My tiny little sweet baby boy .... *sigh* what a treasure he has been in our lives!

May sound weird but even before he was born I would go in his room and sit in the rocking chair, his room is so colorful and happy. I just was so excited for him to come and be with us.

Once he was born, Ben and I totally would go in his bedroom and watch him sleep, we thought we would stop doing this but we haven't and every night before we go to bed - we still go in there and stare at him. (most of you mamas and daddies have probably done this and maybe you still do)
I just can't believe we are going to have two little love bugs to check up on in that room very soon.
I Love You My Boys! - Mama


Liz said...

Just reading this, I can tell what a special mom you are!

Misty said...

so sweet!!!!

Brian and Jodi Brown said...

Kiss that sweet baby boy for me.
aunt jojo


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