Friday, March 27, 2009

Madagascar... over and over and over and over

So my son has a new obsession... actually I think this is his first obsession! He hasn't ever really had a toy that he absolutely can't live without or a blanket he can't live without BUT lately from the time he wakes up in the morning to when he goes to bed ... well at least 20 times a day he asks to watch this movie... he obviously can't say Madagascar because he is only 18 1/2 mo. so he says "Mov - mov... " and he is refering to the song on there "I like to move it!" I too love this song and I am not kidding every time I watch this movie I see something that I didn't see before. It is super funny! It is a little dirty though... like the monkeys wanting to fling poo and the king tells them to shut up and stuff... I've got to say the entertainment for a toddler though is awesome! He loves the characters and they are all so over the top! I sure don't mind him watching it over and over but the first he says shut up I'll know where he got it from and we'll have to have a talk about it... as I'm sure we will about a lot of things that are on television. The song on there is good for housecleaning too! Gets you up and moving! I'm excited to watch #2!

1 comment:

Annikke said...

I like the movie too.... it is cute!

My children have an obsession with Curious George right now...!!!


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