Friday, March 27, 2009

I wonder what the neighbors think...

So yesterday we went to run errands. I am on Bunny Patrol for my cousin who is out of town so I go over to her house every day/ every other day to feed her bunny and goldfish - we also had to do a library run, a run to Ross (I heart Ross)! All in that buzzing around I got home to find that my house keys were missing. I took like a 1/2 hour to try and find them in my jeep and finally decided my boy needed lunch and I wasn't fining them SO all I could do was break in to my own house (as Ben, who has the extra key, was at work and unreachable at that time) So luckily the ladder was outside I found the only window in the house that wasn't locked because we had used it for Christmas Lights - put my ladder up against it, pried the window open and broke into my own house... you should of seen Daphnie's face! She was concerned!

I had to do this once before when I locked my own keys in the house... it was the Summer of 07 and my husband was at Boy Scout Camp. I had went outside after it had finally cooled off to do some yard work and spray off our back patio because there had been a storm and well some how ended up locking my self outside. I then had one of my nursery windows unlocked because we had been painting in there and I had to crawl through one of them. I'm not a small gal and to boot I was 7 months pregnant so that was insane! Barely Fit!

Yesterday when I did this I called my mom - I'm telling you I think I go brain dead when I'm pregnant... almost to the point of scary! It is super weird! I spent yesterday afternoon calling all the places I had been to see if my keys had been turned in... This morning I found my keys under Pauly's car seat... little stinker had got them out of my purse and flung them!

I've now broke in to this house 3 times... Thank God I've always found a window that wasn't locked... but now I'm wondering should I go around and lock windows or should I make sure I leave one open for myself... hmmmmm...

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Jackie said...

Don't feel bad Sami it will pass, one year I locked the keys in the car 4 times, in arco, the man I always called, (Smitty) just started answering, "where are ya?". It was so bad. You girls were like 6th grade, 4th grade and 1st grade, it was during the Rec. Hall Ball days.
Trust me sis this too shall pass.
I would suggest hiding a key out side.
to the moon


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