Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Back! Finally!

So... I haven't been blogging because our Internet modem died and they said they mailed it when they really forgot and we should of had it last Thursday but we just got it last night. The good thing is that since we went without Internet the company is going to credit $10 back to our account for when we went without and it was their fault!

It was totally strange not being able to have the convenience of checking things on the Internet and the I was really starting to miss being able to write on my blogs and to be able read some of yours.

BUT I am back and ready to get going again. Since my last post - Seems like not to much has gone on although some things have happened that are "in the works" right now so I can't disclose them quite yet... (Some of you know what I mean :)

Also my sister Jodi joined the blogging world so go visit her blog here - I can't wait to be able to read her blog of all the fun things that family is doing. I love her stories about her kids. They're hilarious!


Misty said...

glad you are back! who do you use? Qwest? We just switched over to qwest from Cable one...

I appreciate how great you are being about our whole thing. Truly, I do... :)

Krista said...

I'm glad you are back!


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