Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm in a funk!!!

I just am! I don't know what it is or why I feel this way... I couldn't get up and going this morning - Pauly literally was playing on my bed for an hour - watching Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when I finally got up and got breakfast - (granted he woke up right at 7:30 which remember the whole time change thing is sort of 6:30 in my mommy world)...

I do give myself a little credit tonight - I made yummy roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and steamed carrots for dinner.

Tomorrow my goals are to just get out of this funk and get going!! I always feel so much better... hopefully soon I'll get used to this time change :)

Tonight we are watching dances with the stars and so far both Ben and I are rootin' for the Gymnast!! Go Shawn!


Krista said...

I hate it when that happens. Don't be too hard on yourself!

Jackie said...

I was telling a friend that I was struggling with the "wagon dragging" syndrome. I too am pushing myself to get it together.
I know that I haven't been drinking enough water, it helps me alot to keep the water flowing.
to the moon

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis,
Yummy dinner, I hope you have a great day today!!!
Love ya,

Misty said...

honestly, coupled with the time change that bought of depressing weather didn't do much to boost energy/spirits... hopefully todays newly found sunshine will really make a difference.


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