Tuesday, February 24, 2009

what a face

Today Pauly and I were out on a walk. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm! We were gone about a half hour and when we got back and before we went in the house I decided to let Pauly play in the back yard a little to let out some energy since on the walk all he does is play with a stick I find on the side of the road, beat Daphnie when I'm not looking with the stick and ride in the stroller.

While we were in the backyard I decided to call Jodi and touch base for the day like I always do. Obviously I wasn't playing close enough attention to my boy because he came to me with a black dirt like substance dripping out of his mouth as if he was chewing on an oreo. Well since I knew we didn't bring out any oreos (nor do I ever buy them) I knew he must of took a mouth full of dirt and boy was he enjoying it. Just crunching away. I was laughing so hard with Jodi I was crying! I just kept taking my hand trying to clear it out of his mouth.

Once we got in the house I couldn't help but take this picture! I guess mama better pay a little more attention next time... Ha


Jackie said...

Cutest face I have saw today!
to the moon

Misty said...

so sweet!!!

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