Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Your turn

Okay Mom... Now it is your turn. I thought it would only be fare if I were to post some red paisley bedding. I'm not sure if it is stuff you would like. But me being your daughter, it is what I thought you would like the best from what there was to choose from. For all of you who do not know my mom, she likes things with a western flare about them. Conchos, hair-on-hide, Paisleys, No frillies. Bold and well ... Classic Western - not cheesy western. So hope you like at least one of these mom and if you don't... well keep it to yourself :) JK!

I put these in the order of liking (as did I with my black and white bedding - so the top on of each is my favorite then working down to my least favorite but still good & yes Krista I did like that bottom one BUT too much white with kids and a dog is NOT SAGE :)

Love ya guys! SJ


Jackie said...

Hey Sis, you are so close to being right on. I am still fighting my head with paint. What a racket the paint companies have, 10-15 dollars for a sample? I will have to use all my samples on the Storage room. Please Lord, give me strength to endure.

to the moon

Shelby said...

I had to have a second look at these--my bedding is a mix between #2 and 3. I've really liked it, but it's been on there for a few years now and I'm ready for a change!

Brian and Jodi Brown said...

More my style. Love it.

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