Monday, February 16, 2009

i can cry if i want to!

boy! i just had a challenging day! you know the ones where satan is nipping at your heels! my husband was off work today. i was hoping we would be able to spend some time together today as saturday, he had to work. sunday, we spent the whole day with his family. so i guess i was just hoping he would go in to the office (as he had planned) just for a little while, hit the gym, and come home and play! nope... to boot, my kid wouldn't take a nap and that just won't do! i really need a break! he runs me ragged! getting up on this and into this and eating this. i was going nuts and i just needed my husband home since it was his "day off"! well no he spent time at the office and then to the gym then he thought - we would probably be napping so he went to visit some family. which honestly i love that he goes over and visits my family. he just likes them which is cool. right? but i was waiting for him and he honestly said he was just waiting for a phone call from me so he could come home and he mainly didn't want to interrupt napping! AAAAARRRRGGG! i was sad and mad when he got home - but as we always do... we figured out where there was a miscommunication break-down and things are all good! it didn't change that i was totally bummed and sad though. oh well... next time i know just to call and he'll come home to me when i need him. he just rocks like that!

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Krista said...

I hate days like that. I'm glad that you and your hubby talked. I'm sorry it was such a rough day.


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