Monday, October 17, 2011

~ 180 ~

his is a video that was shared
with me a couple weeks back.
It will literally challenge your
thinking and views regarding
the Holocaust of the past ...
and the present...

added later...

I decided that it was crucial that I note here what my views are regarding this topic and what my opinion is about this video.

I believe that any type of abortion - at any time of the life of the baby (embryo/fetus) should be illegal. I pray some day we have a leader in place, in this country, that will repeal any and all abortion laws as an option for birth-control. I, however, don't feel it is my place to judge someone who has done it - that will be done by God. For me, I feel like abortion in a way, is similar to Playing God and I firmly disagree with that. Adoption is a great alternative and should be embraced far more than it is. I, personally know of at least 5 families that would love a baby right now. this second. We, as a society, need to work on making adoption more accessible and less challenging for these families AND more of a heroic act for mothers who do not want their baby.
I believe abortion it is flat-out murder and the fact that there is someone doing it every 2 seconds, in my mind, makes IT the present-day Holocaust.
I completely agree on all levels with Living Water's tactics in this '180 movie' to, in a sense, shock people into understanding how extreme of a problem this legalized mass killing (abortion) has become in America.

Clearly, we need to do a better job educating our children regarding both. The video was proof of that. How embarrassing, America!


Misty said...

The girl talking at 14:00 really nails it for me. I think Ray Comfort does good work and really challenges how people think but these are two separate issues. COMPLETELY separate.

Jackie said...



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