Monday, September 12, 2011

~ surprised by 2 ~

had an amazing weekend. My
weekend started Friday night
with an awesome concert put
on at my church. It was kicked
off by some awesome worship

and I don't know about you but that is always good for this girl's soul.

Paula Dunn, was the special speaker and she is a great singer - so Friday night,
she shared a little with us but mostly she sang for us. Then on Saturday, she
sang for us as well as brought us an amazing message.

I will be sharing more about her message in the days to come this week but for now,
I have to tell you about the other part of my weekend.

Saturday night, after I got home from listening to Paula speak -
my sister and her friend, Brian made us dinner.

It. Was. Amazing!

Here are some pics of the two of them working their magic in the kitchen.

It was very sweet to watch their excitement for serving us
 It was all a big secret and they wouldn't tell us what they were making and
for the most part they did their best to keep us out of the kitchen and to keep it all a surprise!
 I'm sure you all can relate to how nice it was not to have to worry about dinner
that night and to be served something super special.

It was so thoughtful and so very sweet.
 I just love this picture of these pictures of the two of them working together in the kitchen.
They both really like to cook and try new food.
 The magic moment when the ribs came out of the oven!
He was so proud...
and rightly so!

They were delish!

All of it was amazing!
 They made us BBQ Beef Ribs, Loaded Mash Potatoes, Cilantro Lime Rice,
and an awesome Green Salad.
 For dessert, Casi made Strawberry Shortcakes with Cinnamon Sprinkled over Pineapple.
It was divine!
Thank you, you two!
It was so nice of you to work so hard to make it so nice for us.

Have you surprised a loved one recently?


Jackie said...

Holy Cow that looks delish. I especially like the "Woody" sippy cup in the desert picture..did you drink frmo that?

to the moon

Sami Jo said...

No, I didn't drink "frmo" that... :) teehee <3 SJ


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