Monday, June 6, 2011

~ sweet pea's 4th ~

4 Sweet Pea is four
years old today. I
truly can't believe it.
She woke up this morning
around 9am. I made her

Blueberry Pancakes.

She LOVES them.

She has been such a little blessing to our household.

She loves on the boys so much.

And they adore her.

They actually call her sister.

It's pretty sweet.

She loves to run and play,

and play princess dress-up everyday

She's a girlly girl.

She wants to be a mama SO BAD!

She's a lover ...

and a nurturer.
these are some thoughts from Sweet Pea:

SJ - SP do you like wear dress ups all the time?
SP - hmmmuhh
SJ - SP which dress is your favorite?
SP - the long prink dress with flowers on the bottom... see?
SJ - What's your favorite thing to do?
SP - Play dress up!
SJ - What's your favorite color?
SP - Hmmm... Pink. It's Pink. My color is pink, I looooove pink!
SJ - Who's your best friend?
SP - Aislynn. Do you know her?
SJ - Yes, I do.
SP - I don't know what's my favorite purse...
SJ - You don't?  - which one do you like the best?
SP - it's black... like yours.
SJ - Why do you want a purse?
SP - becauuuuuse.
SJ - What are you going to do with it?
SP - I'm going to buy money... I am.
SJ - What are you going to buy with your money?
SP - a baby toy for my baby. She's walking I'm holding her hand...
(she walks off talking to invisible baby)
And there you have it. She's ALL girl
and wants to be a mom.

She'll be great.
She always makes new friends at the park.
I always have to remind her to be careful and not talk to strangers unless
her mama or I say it's okay...

it's hard because she's a butterfly.
I'm sure you understand.

A social one.
Happy 4th Birthday, Sweet Pea!
Thank you for being a delight to my days,
good friends with my boys,
bringing life and laughter to our home
and thank you... for being you.


Shannon H. said...

Hi Sami! What a precious blog today! You are an awesome auntie and mommy! Love the pics of Macarti and your boys. You are a blessing and it is awesome that you are there for all of them. Thanks for sharing the thoughts today! For all are precious in His sight.

Jackie said...

I sure love that post and thank you so much for the great pictures, you take great shots.
To the moon


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