Tuesday, May 24, 2011

~ NieNie ~

Please tell me, why
haven't I discovered
the amazingly talented
Stephanie Nielson's

blog until now?

What was the reason?

I mean... who hasn't seen this?

I know, right?

I've seen it a million trillion!

I never acted on it or anything - obviously.

I just thought, Wow! What a cute idea this "NieNie" had
with the whole vintage typewriter thingy majigor.

She rocks.


Yesterday, I was watching my little new "30th Birthday theme song" video...

and I saw the gal in the video with all of the burns hugging her children
and I had remembered seeing her interview
on Oprah quite a while back.

I had seen her several other times on other gal's blogs when they had been to Blogging conventions
and such...

I remember feeling so heartbroken for her -
I would close my eyes for a split second,

say a little prayer for her and her day with her kids and family...

and I remember, about a  month ago or so, trying to figure out who she really was

when I was reading

and I thought hmmm.... I wonder which blog is hers?...

Well - yesterday I did some googling and finally made the connection.

Stephanie Nielson the heroic wife, mother, beautiful woman who survived a terrible plane crash
along with her husband is...

the amazing, talented writer of the

I spent a large part of my day yesterday

between making my sissy's birthday feast and chasing kids -

reading these said 

Let me just say... it was time WELL spent.

I cried, I laughed, I ooohed and aaahhhed over her amazing ideas, thoughts and parenting insights.

I am so thankful to have made the connection.

So, as I attempt to take on my 30th birthday year and start to work on my

"35 things to do before I'm 35" list...

at the top of my list will be the following:

1. Wake up each morning happy and thankful that I am alive.

2. Cherish every single second with my family I can get.

3. Love and Respect my husband till death do we part.

4. & dance. Always... dance.

 Reading NieNie reminded me of these things and I feel so silly that it has taken me this long to discover

who NieNie really is....

but I am oh SO thankful that I have and I believe...

the timing was and is - 

 in the hands of
My Maker.

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