Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~ dropped from heaven ~

For my husband's birthday
I wanted to surprise him
with a sweet little pup. A
pup that would cuddle on

his lap in the evening,
follow him around through the garden, play with the boys,
and NOT chase the chickens.

We wanted a female, already spayed, potty trained, not really a pup - maybe a little older... maybe even a rescue from a shelter or something...

I really wanted a pup that would be nonshedding ... to go along with the above requests.

I scanned and scanned Craigslist, the Shelter websites and my mom did the same for us over in Eastern Idaho...
with no luck for about 5 days.

Finally, I put an ad on Craigslist - I explained our situation - I'm a stay at home mom with 2 boys, big backyard, chickens, garden and so on... I got a few replies the first day but then -

on the second,

I got a reply from a lady named Hilary who had a little poodle mix.

She said they were looking for new home for their little one as her and her husband were college students and they weren't able to spend much time with her and it was about to get harder
as they both needed to work this next year.

Her poodle was female, spayed, they had found her in an Arkansas shelter when they were in Arkansas volunteering. She had mites in her ears and the shelter she was in was a kill-shelter.  She tugged at their heart and they ended up adopting her.

I saw videos of her and them and they adored her, they played very sweetly with her,
and I knew since they were seeking me out - then they really loved her and wanted her to be in
a place where she would continue to be loved and cared for.

They came early this last Saturday morning so we could meet them and their little "Muppy the puppy".
They came in the house just to visit and we visited for quite a while - while "Muppy" waited in the car. It was cute because the kids wanted to show Hilary around to their bedrooms. She was wearing a very pretty yellow dress and Sweet Pea adored it and wouldn't stop touching it. Lol!

She was a sweet gal and her husband was very kind as well.

After we visited for a while, they went out to their car and brought in "Muppy".

I was SO thankful because William went to her immediately to pet her and I thought for sure that he was going to be pretty standoffish and scared of her.

 He loved her so much he was kissing her and after a while didn't want to give her up so Pauly could have a turn with the leash.
She was super well behaved and sweet.

She didn't jump up much and instantly went to playing with the kids.

It was precious and we all knew she was going to fit in just perfectly.

We decided to keep her and we are so glad we did.

She is precious and everything we could ever want.

She is SO cuddly, loves to play, she's spayed, she doesn't shed (she's a poodle mix with they think maltese but I'm wondering now if she has some Beddington Terrior in her since she looks exactly like a little lamb), she only barks at the door or random sounds in the night and even then it's usually just a little growl, she's super gentle with the kids, Daphnie and her get along perfectly.

She doesn't chase the chickens - she just teases them but we think that she'll come to realize they aren't really that exciting and just come to ignore them after a while.

It's obvious that Hilary and her husband were kind, gentle and caring with her. She sits and she lays down - they really put some good time into her and her little heart.

She is very well-behaved!


we adore her. 

 It's honestly as if, she was dropped from heaven just for us and our little family and farm in the city.

Ben wanted to rename her and so we flipped through our little baby book and decided on

 Sound familiar, Grey's Anatomy fans? tee hee...

She took to her new name quite quickly and we are glad for that. She already comes when we call.

She has settled in quite beautifully here and we are so thankful for the way everything worked out.

We couldn't ask for anything more from this little baby girl.

You will be seeing a lot more of little Izzy. She's here to stay. 

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Misty said...

She is SO ADORABLE!!!! Love her!

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