Monday, May 16, 2011

~ baking from my heart ~

Last week was my
husband's 37th
birthday. I made
his favorite...

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

We don't really exchange gifts.

Our birthdays are a week apart -
his is the 12th of May and mine
is the 18th.

He loves Carrot Cake and I make it allllllll
from scratch.

 I like that we are at a place where presents aren't going to
make or break our happy birthday.

We are content with sweet gestures like letting the other one sleep in
or making the other person their favorite dinner or dessert.

A massage,
bring each other home their favorite drink...

His is Orange Soda.
Mine is Iced Tea.

The little things.

They're special - much more precious than any fancy

 He likes cake.

The kid likes cake.

And making him his favorite cake
makes me -

very pleased.


now I wonder what he's got up his sleeve for me.

I'll keep ya posted. *wink*

2 days till I turn 30!


1 comment:

Maple said...

Happy birthdays!

30 is fun...I blazed a trail for ya a few years ago. ;)



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