Monday, April 25, 2011

~ real men wear bow ties ~

We woke up early
 to three wee ones
(for those who don't know, my sister Casi and her daughter, who I call Sweet Pea on my blog, have come to live with us) 
pawing at their Easter baskets and begging to eat candy and sweets.
We had to pry them away and
we set them up with our version of a quick Easter Breakfast feast consisting of blueberry muffins and bacon.
We snarfed that down only to roll right into our Sunday best 
pressed shirts, perdy dresses, high heels, bow ties
and all and within an hour ZOOMED out the door which has GOT to be a world record!
We picked up my niece, LeaAnn, visiting from Alaska and made our way to church with Granny and Grandad. One boy snoozed while snuggling with Lulu (LeaAnn)

and one boy went to Sunday school,
 we sang, we laughed, we thanked God for his amazing grace and mercy.
Then we drove to Granny's for a fabulous Ham feast trimmed with deviled eggs, sweet potatoes, green salad, her fabulous pickled beets, peaches and of course hot rolls.... LOVE hot rolls! Who doesn't? After that we helped clean up and Casi and I
(Did I really just post a picture of my booty... ::sigh:: Thanks Lulu for this precious angle)
dashed outside to hide the Easter Eggs for the hunt
which would take place after nap time. 
 Then we snuggled up for a nap time and went off to sleep that fabulous sleep that you sleep after you get a full belly loaded with comfort food and of course snuggled in to Granny-fresh sheets and linens in a dark cool room... I dreamed, I snored, I. was EXHAUSTED! Staying up all night to prep Easter baskets, Easter eggs and two little bow-ties for my littles took a lot out of me...
Then we woke up to Granny presenting us with 2 different desserts - Baked Custard and Banana Pudding
We hunted eggs
and played a round of Password which has a funny story behind it consisting of Lulu finally realizing at the very end that her and I were actually a team... Silly Girl.
 We laughed, we ate, we slept, we laughed, we ate... that pretty much sums it up.
So as you can see it was a very nice Easter and I feel so very blessed for family,
(see Aunt Jojo - Birch and Pauly are definitely related)
all of our blessings and most importantly - life through Christ.
(Ben, middle boy is YOUR son) Ha!

Sending you much love!

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