Monday, March 28, 2011

~ Needless in North Dakota ~

We are on a
vacation in
North Dakota! ...

and for right now, and this moment,
I don't need anything more.

To describe this moment as being content is an under statement.

Is it weird to be SO in love with my husband's family?

Ben's sisters and I just ... jive.

and me and his mama...

well she's wonderful.

Although it is bitter-cold here in North Dakota and the drive here was a total nightmare...

I am happy as a clam.

We have been visiting, playing ping pong, we went swimming at their rec center, my sister-in-law- Holly -
cut my hair (more on that later with pics :), and today, Holly and I are going to go play volleyball at the rec center! I haven't played volleyball for like 8 years... hope I don't throw my back out. lol!-

Anyways, just thought I would stop by and give y'all a quick update -
we made it here safe and we are having a fabulous time.


1 comment:

Cherie Wilson said...

Have a wonderful blessed to have such love! You are! XO


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