Thursday, February 24, 2011

~ Who me? Never! ~

I did NOT take a 2 hour nap with my boys and we did NOT wake up and eat the rest of Daddy's Orange Pound cake that he made the other night.

I did NOT forget to set out chicken for dinner...
I chose to let my boys eat chicken nuggets and tater tots on purpose!

I did NOT wait to the last second of the day to do my dishes...
as in - the day isn't yet seconds away from being over quite yet.

I did NOT just feed my baby son a pink rice-crispie treat, left over from Valentine's Day, right before bed and don't worry I did NOT forget to brush his 8 teeth. No Way! I would never forget.

I did NOT just shut my older son in the basement with a Tom and Jerry, oldie but goodie, so I could watch Sarah's House that I SO devotedly do NOT dvr

I did NOT cry during American Idol last night - No way! Never!

And there is NO WAY WHAT SO EVER a possibility that I am even remotely possibly head-over-heals for the deep smooth sound of American Idol finalist Scotty McCreery.
Never! That voice does NOT give me goosebumps.



Who Me? Never!

1 comment:

kelly said...

Hi Sami Jo! Why have I not visited your blog before?! It's really cozy. :)
(Kelly from SR)

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