Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~ monkey see ~ monkey do ~

Every afternoon, after naps, I do a bit of house cleaning.

 I load the dishwasher so it's ready for the dinner dishes and then we can run it at night,
I pick up the house and make things tidy after a day of the boys playing, playing, playing.

So since I do this the just about every single day - I guess I shouldn't be surprised - that me opening up the dishwasher tends to give my littlest son a queue to get out the...
 vacuum - he knew that vacuuming was part of our daily cleaning regimen - so he recognized it was that time of day and he brought me the vacuum - what an awesome little helper!
I couldn't believe he actually went to the closet and pulled/pushed it out. It's huge and he's so tiny!
It was adorable.
 He was SO proud of himself!
It's so awesome watching him as he is figures out new things and learns new tricks.

Tricks like getting back into the tub when mama isn't looking after he had already been dried off, lotioned up, hair combed and fresh jammies on.

Such a monkey.


Jackie said...

You must of missed a spot so he got back in.

to the moon

Heather said...

Lol, Carys did that same thing just last night!! Hilarious!

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