Saturday, January 8, 2011

* new background *

I hope my new little background makes you smile! It makes me
so. happy!

I made it myself! I love futsin' around and making my own headers and backgrounds. Sometimes it works... sometimes it makes me want to pull out my hair!

I'm working on a header that would SUPPOSEDLY go with this background right now and I can't quite get it right... so we might just stay plain and enjoy the words... cuz aren't they fabulous?

This weekend things are pretty quiet here. It's our first weekend in a long time when it is just us. My sweet husband let me sleep in till 10a this morning and it was beautiful. I woke up, made us coffee, bacon, eggs and toast  - and hate to admit have been sitting on my rump the majority of the day just snuggling with my boys, working on my blog and watching football... GO SEAHAWKS! ehem...
Just had to sneak that tidbit in....

I've decided tomorrow is going to be a lot more productive - I'm gonna get up before the boys and finally make Pauly the Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins we fell in love with, I've got to get supplies together for my Brave Girl's Soul Restoration Online Seminar! Yay! So excited!! (Tune in Monday when I share with you all about Brave Girl's and what happened!! Oooh you're going to love it.)

Well all you all have a beautiful rest of your weekend and I'll be back here on Monday!!

**edited Sunday morning - for fun I tried out Kaitlin's Applesauce Oat Steusel Muffins and they were Amazing! I wanted to eat all the Steusel off the top of ALL the muffins-eeeeek! Go check her out! She's got a great little food blog. <3


Boy Crazy said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Boy Crazy said...

I really, really, really LOVE IT!!!!!


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