Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~ here's the new Jetty Rae Music Video - Pssssst! PASS IT ON! ~

She's our best girl!
We're so proud of her!

This is Jetty's first music video -
so everybody give Jetty a HUGE round of applause...
now settle in for a little music loveliness!

Forget Me Not

Pssssst! PASS IT ON!
make sure to pause my music at the very bottom of the screen first!

Congratulations, Sweets!

We love it!
We love you!


trekerboy said...

We love that you love Jetty Rae!

nic said...

oh, this video is dreamy...i love the filming and her voice and all that vintagey goodness. jr is simply beautiful.

Cherie Wilson said...

What a sweet girl this Jetty Rae! Tell me more about your love for her! Love your words and post of your fun time out with your man and the Brave girl page:) Keep on keepin on! XO


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