Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~ a beautiful break ~

We were so blessed
this weekend as our
Granny and Grandad
took both of the boys,

Pauly went for 2 nights and William went for the last night.
They even took them to church on Sunday and
then out to lunch. "Chicken and French Fries!", per Pauly.

We dropped William off at Granny's on Saturday morning just before noon. I was totally dragging my feet the whole morning, not to mention completely and utterly STRESSED OUT the whole night before. This was the first time I had been away from William for more than 2 hours in like a year (or as Ben says 2 years since I carried him around for 9ish months).

I really had nothing to worry about - Our Granny is AMAZING with the kids and Grandad is awesome at keeping them sidetracked. The boys had a great time and we're so thankful for the break.

While the boys were away we went for a little country drive.
I, of course, admired all the old farmhouses and barns. I imagined how it might be to live out in the country again. There is such a whole different dynamic to life when you live like that. I grew up living out in the country, as many of you know, we lived about an hour from any type of effective grocery shopping, medical care or movie house - Yes, I say movie house... don't laugh at me...
okay, go ahead - since I can't hear you.

I'm secure in my quirkiness :)

Ben and I also went for a little walk through our local restaurant supply store. So much fun!
It's amazing the stuff we miss out on with each other when we are just "trying to survive" chasing our boys around.

We went to eat at a local little Basque restaurant/ bar called Bar Gernika.
It's downtown and super quaint.
We shared a Lamb Sandwich that had it's own little au jus broth. On the side we had an order of fries and a few croquetas each.

We went straight home to catch an afternoon nap and then left the house to go to his
work's end-of-year party that evening.
After dinner, we came home and changed into something more comfortable and then went back downtown to the Basque Bar (a different one) and was able to sip some cocktails and just visit.
It was wonderful, just us.
BUT we kept noticing how weird it was to not have our boys with us.
We came home early and watched Chopped because we are just those "old fogies" I've described we are in other posts. We were in bed before midnight and of course because both my boys were gone - I couldn't sleep in to save my life.  It always works out that way...
I worked on a little bit of house cleaning and I worked on one of my Brave Girls projects.

A special thanks to Granny for doing this silhouette of a "younger" me. She did a great job.
I've really been enjoying the Brave Girl's seminar.
I'm super excited to do our next assignment this evening after the boys get to bed -
granted I can get into the office as Pauly locked and shut the door... so we are waiting for Daddy to get home from work so he can save the day.
Just glad the stinker didn't lock HIMSELF in there.
*tee hee*

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