Monday, November 22, 2010

2 Jetty Rae CDs to Giveaway!


2 CDs to Giveaway!
That means 2 winners!!!!

I'm so excited!

So y'all remember when I introduced you to Jetty Rae, right?
If you didn't get a chance to read that post click here.

Isn't she wonderful?
I think so, too!

If you haven't got a chance to listen to her music yet - this is her website.

Her music can also be found on
Jetty Rae and her office manager were so kind to send me several cds to hand out
and enjoy for myself
2 t-shirts.

Bless their hearts.

I gave one of the t-shirts to my sister as they are both size small.
She looks stinkin' adorable in it, wouldn't you agree?

I'm going to take the other one and work my magic and see if I can make something fabulous so I can still sport the Jetty Rae loveliness of it all... cuz we all know, I aint no size small :)
(YES - I totally just said "aint" - Don't hate!)
 These are the songs that are on the 2 cds.
Yay! So many goodies!
So here's the deal Sparky, {GRIN}
to win, you have to do 2 of the following and just leave me one comment telling me what you did -
NO Multiple Comments pleeeeeeease.

1) Become a follower of this blog
2) Tweet or Facebook about my giveaway with a link to my giveaway
3) Do a little shout-out on your blog about my giveaway and leave me the link to your blog in your comment
4) Tell me which song of Jetty's is your most favorite!!

You do not have to have a blog to win.
Just leave me a comment using the Anonymous option 
(do 2 of the above and tell me which ones you did)
and make sure you leave me a way to contact you if you win.

This giveaway is going to be open from
today - Monday, November 22 to next Sunday, November 28.
That next Monday I will pick 2 winners and do a post to let y'all know who won!

We are headed off to our Thanksgiving get-away at my sisters. SO EXCITED!
 so I will not be posting in-between that time.

God Bless you all
have a very 
Happy Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Chrysanthemama said...

I am partial to "Waiting" although I have many more to listen to! She could easily be one of your sisters, she favors both you and your sister! Thank you for offering this giveaway.
PS)I "ain't no size small" either.


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