Thursday, October 7, 2010

just a peek...

I hear: the dishwasher running and Pauly's movie "ICE" (Ice Age) playing in our room as well as HGTV.... all of these things = heaven. Because it is quiet, I'm watching HGTV and I know my kitchen is clean and rarin' to go in the morning!

My husband: is working late tonight, I just got a phone call from him and he is on his way home just in time to grab his gym shorts (reason why he called to make sure I had them "rounded-up" for him) and go on out the door to go play racket ball.
I'm drinking: decaf tea. Oh how I used to hate tea, why people?


No idea.

I lof it now!...

The husband: just came in and said he wanted to NOT go to the gym and stay home with moi.

hmmmmm... Lucky me!?
*tee hee*

I shall leave you with this inspirational kitchen picture from
I adore. with a fun recipe we tried the other night. It was quite good.
Well there is just a peek into my crazy life... now off to watch, I'm sure a terrible movie
picked out by my husband and I, will fold clothes. *wink*


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