Wednesday, October 6, 2010

informal introduction.

CrAFtINg iN tHE raIn

(Yes that title is to be sung to the tune of "singing in the rain" IF you're wondering. :)

It's a raining day here in Idaho!




Loving it!!!!

I've confessed before that Fall is my favorite season.

In the Fal,l there are those sunny days when it is gorgeous out and

you can't wait to get outside and

play in those crunchy leaves!

Then there are other days that you are excited to stay in all day and

light a nice pumpkin scented candle,

put on a pot of yummy soup and set the kiddo up with his paints

and craft your little heart away all afternoon.

But before I get out all that stuff -

I've got to introduce...


Annikke is the mom to 3 adorable kiddos - Spirit, Lefty and lil Lady Bug

and wifey to Mr. Man!

She is super mom!

She has a super cute blog called:

(Don't you just love the name? Fits me on a daily basis!)

She works and keeps the three kids, hubby

and the house




I adore reading her

here and here,

along with her


She shares her lessons learned about raising kids,
funny stories about her kids and things they say and do
& the challenges with being a working mama.
All the while, it is all super entertaining!

In the spring she did a fabulous Flip Flop Swap

(that honestly it was so genius my husband was like - too bad that wasn't your idea - need to thump him more often)

and I loved her

letter to

I died.
The whole time I was picturing her face looking at his items and then glancing to him and then her pen...

thinking, Dear Lord - please don't let him try and give that pen back to me...

Too funny!

So onward to good times Miss Annikke!
Welcome to our "home".
So glad you were able to come and join me today.


before we start crafting -

I was thinking you and I should go and do some

twirlin' in the rain!

I don't care if you are only wearing your flip-flops!


Okay! Back in the house!


So. First we definitely need something warm to drink...

Want some tea?
I happen to adore! Chai Tea.

Wanna try some?


I hope you'll love it.

Since I'm on a diet and have been trying to avoid sugar -

I actually drink my chai tea just plain.
I love the spicy deliciousness of it.

It tastes like Christmas.
Christmas tastes good!


Here we go.

I got an idea when I opened that scatter brained tea drawer...

MAN! It needs organized! Let's see - I have this old tin - coincidentally it is an old Christmas tin.
I think I will totally paint it up cute and put my tea in it!
What'cha think?

Let's do it!

First, I'm going to spray paint it white...

While that dries let's eat tomato on toast.... yummmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

These are tomatoes from the garden. Even though I am on a diet, not usually eating wheat or fats for that matter - you gotta get in at least one of these... right?

thank goodness it is nap time -Now,

I think I'll use a pencil for a little designage...

(yes, I just made-up that word)

now paint time...

I think I will give it some bumps and bruises to make it look "aged", cover it in a clear coating. organize, and

Walah! tea for & you.

Well - the monster is awake.

I just wanted to say that I appreciated you coming to visit me today

and every time you get a chance.

I love your blog

& I love hearing from you - you have the sweetest comments and great feedback.
I believe we could be

kindred spirits.


if you ever make it to


- let me know...

I think we could probably find some trouble to get into.

Especially if we bring Misty!

God Bless you and yours.

P.S. Thanks to all of you for dropping by today

& don't forget

Wednesdays are "informal introduction day"

and the only way for me to pick you is if I know you are out there -

So leave me a comment - I'd love to know who is stopping by.


Annikke said...

You are the cutest thing E.V.E.R and I would love to stop by and have some tea with you sometime! Now, I am off to paint my toesies with that fab nail polish you sent me!

Misty said...

was this yesterday? I spent the day crafting (and baking) too... it was lovely! I accomplished so many things, including my Christmas cards. It's got to be a record.

your tea tin is ADORABLE! So glad Nikke could come help! ;) That girl is a gem, but I might not be up to sharing, the next time she's in Idaho... just sayin'. :)

See you friday, my friend!

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