Sunday, June 20, 2010

We call him Daddy

He makes us laugh.

He holds us when we cry.

He can fake a good accent.

He's got a great smile.

He likes to wrestle and play around.

He loves to garden.

He has baby chickens.

He reads... a lot!

He loves Louis L'amour.

He hates reality television.

especially the Bachelor.

He's good at Jeopardy.

He stinks at drawing.

He works hard.

He can cook!

and he's good at it.

He loves Magnum P.I.

and M*A*S*H.
He grew up in Alaska and would sneak up behind a moose, hit it and run!
He got spanked for hitting a moose and running away.
He plays basketball.
He played Rugby.
He coaches Rugby.
He looks forward to the day when his boys will play sports.
He is awesome with kids!
His career is based on helping kids.
He has a large picture of a random baby in his office, he's quirky like that.
He's supersticious.
really supersticious.... mama thinks it's weird.
He loves to laugh.
and make people laugh.
He can tell a good story.
especially if he is telling it in an accent.
He strums his guitar and makes up songs.
He's good at it.
He loves having a good coctail...
especially if Mama makes it for him.
He loves soda.
His favorite is Orange.
He listens to terrible 80's music,
on purpose. We don't understand it.
His favorite food is probably steak or at least some form of beef, if not prime rib...
unless we can afford sushi.
He tends to roses.
They make him happy.
He has a heart of gold.

We call him Daddy.
He's ours.
(I think this is the same t-shirt different day, still reading and different facial hair... glad the "lone" mustache has took a hike!)

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