Friday, May 7, 2010

Samela the 4th Good Fairy

When it comes to the Three Good Fairies of Sleeping Beauty - you know Flora (dressed in the red gown), Fauna (dressed in green) and Merryweather (dressed in the blue one) - I adore them all!

Didn't you just love it how Flora and Merryweather kept bickering over which color the "surprise birthday" dress should be? There for a moment they kind of had a color war turning it red, then blue and back and forth.

I love how Fauna had such a sweet way about her and you could tell she just loved baby Aurora and she'd cry at just the thought of her going back to her parents after she turned 16. She had such a gentle demeanor.

They all had their own little way of being unique and unpredictable.

The other night I was joking with Ben and told him I would be Samela the 4th Good Fairy (except for no fighting evil Maleficent - she scares me!!)

I'd be the one that would want everything white! (except for Princess Aurora's dress, clearly her dress needed to be blue!)

As I've joked in before posts - I'm fixated on painting furniture. My color of choice 9 times out of 10 is white! Sometimes I'll go for green, blue or aqua but mostly it's white.

Too bad I don't have a wand and I could say "Make it white!" to everything in my stash downstairs I want painted white... that'd be nice!

In fact,

too bad I didn't have a wand for anything and everything I wanted to get done and do :)

If I had one I'd share it with you.

Since I don't have a wand I guess I'll have to paint it myself - Paint it White Party anyone?

Below are some of my favorites items I've been crushing on lately, hope they make your heart smile as they do mine...

Enjoy your weekend -
Love, Samela the 4th Good Fairy...


Sandra said...

Oh I'm oohing over the pics. LOVE all of them. And you know, I love white furniture too LOL

Jackie said...

Ok, so you like white furniture, I'll give you that, but clearly Aurora's dress should be PINK! DUH!

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