Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Brown!!

Mr. Brown is turning 3 today.

I remember when my sister called me to tell me she was pregnant.
I was on my way to work.
It was a hard time for me because I was so happy for Jodi but I had just had a miscarriage so it was bitter-sweet.
Then my littlest sister got pregnant with Carti Rae three months later...
& then just 6 months later I got pregnant with my first - little Pauly.

So yes, that means that my mom and dad had 3 grand babies
in one year all three months apart from each other...

Birch came in March
Macarti in June
and Pauly in September.

left to right: Pauly, Bailey, Birch and Macarti

Needless to say mom was busy!!!! She thinks for sure we planned it to plot against her. I wonder if we can ever manage it again. Lets do it girls!

It was super fun all of us being pregnant together and preparing and helping each other prepare. I remember one weekend when Jodi was pretty far along I think like 7 months - Casi and I went to help her one weekend. We switched around the crib from one room to the other - fixed up her office and then hauled a big load of trash to the dump.

I remember seeing Jodi eat cold cereal at night like it was going out of style. & then when Birch came - she was in the middle of packing from one ranch house to another - I went to spend the weekend with her to help out and see the little man for the first time... she answered the door and this awful stink came oozing out - and I said, "I don't mean to offend you but it smells like poop!". She said - that's because Birch just did all over the wall and me.

This little boy is ALL Boy! He loves being outside - loves his horses (in fact - some times he goes and lets them go so they can go for an afternoon run - and my sister has to go round them up) Can you imagine a 2 1/2 year old going and letting the horses out of their pen?! Little stinker! This boy is gutsy and BUSY!

The weekly stories Jodi has for me about Birch (and Bailey) crack me up!
I love them to the moon.
Here is the poem I wrote for Birch about a year ago:

If you could, you'd want to follow daddoo all day long,
right behind him, with your matching blue jeans on,
Belt buckle, work boots and that hat pulled down tight,
Keep up! Gotta keep up! with all your Might!
Please help daddy feed the horses and fix that worn out fence,
You're an awesome daddy's helper, but that only makes sense!
Mama and Sissy will be waiting for you both with arms open wide,
They're so proud of you brother for working by daddy's side!
Wrangling the doggies and keeping a really close eye,
on those chickens, kittens and cows - Be careful! Oh My!
You're busy, yes so busy, you've got lots of things to do,
but now it's time to sleep Mr. Brown and shut those eyes of blue!
In the morning it will start again and there will be lots and lots to see,
like rocks and sticks and muddy holes and don't forget to climb that tree!
Our busy little Mr. Brown, you're quite the little guy,
May the Lord bless and keep you, for you're the apple of our eye!
Love you forever, Aunt Sam

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Jackie said...

Great Post Aunt Sami,
Boy the babies have grown up so fast. What a blessing each on of them is.



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