Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas in the Country

We had a wonderful Christmas! We went to my mom and dad's for Christmas (Mimi and Papa) and we left for their house the Tuesday before Christmas. It was a nice drive to their house and the boys both napped and we got to their house that evening. Stepping into their house was nothing short of AMAZING! They have been working so hard on it for many years and it was well worth the wait! So thankful they have a beautiful place to live and a place for all of us when we come home to visit - which was a major reason they wanted to remodel in the first place. My mother had been very busy doing her Christmas decorating and it was everywhere! I totally felt like a little girl coming home for Christmas. I loved it!
Wednesday was a day of relaxation for us and Ben did some baking to help mom get ready for Christmas! Mom, Dad and Casi had to work Wednesday so we had Roast Beef Dinner waiting for them when they got home.
Thursday, everyone was home from work and we all gathered in the kitchen for many laughs and playing games, us gals finished baking the rest of the Christmas goodies and Mimi and Papa gushing over the grand kids.
That night we worked on the Christmas gifts that needed put together. Macarti was getting a kitchen that Uncle so patiently put together with Casi's assistance. I set up our stockings, Pauly's tent and set out Williams Huge Legos.
Christmas morning we always read from the Bible. My dad read while we all gathered around and listened.
Next, we opened our stockings. Aren't these stockings adorable? My Dad's mom made them (Grandma Sally aka Amuma)... LOVE THEM!
Then time to open presents! I just love the look on Macarti's face. This kitchen was a huge hit and Paul liked it better than his own toys. I came home got right onto Craig's List and found one on there for $20... still waiting for a reply...
Pauly got his Buzz Lightyear doll. He carried that thing around everywhere and still does! He started jumping off of everything possible saying ... "From infinity and beyond" and jumps! Of course, this is in his own little language - it's adorable!

William definitely pulled in quite the loot from Aunties and Grandmas.

I got spoiled big time and got an apron, a new Nicholas Sparks book, my yummy "Love Spell" lotion and body spray from Victoria's Secret - oh yeah! My husband totally went in to Victoria's Secret for me. Yes, Spoiled!
We stayed through the weekend and on Sunday we had Billy dedicated at my home church where I grew up. It was very special as my Grandma (Pattie) and Grandpa (Bill) were able to attend and Grandpa spoke. It was super special!
The next few days we continued to eat, eat, eat! and play lots of scrabble, cards and watch movies! It was frigid cold and both my boys were trying to get over colds so we didn't get to do any fun things outside like sledding or ride horses :( BUT we had a blast with Mimi and Papa. It was a Christmas to remember for sure!
To help in the memories, when we left on Thursday - mom's two kittens got into our car without us realizing it and we were about half way to my Aunt and Uncle's when we heard... Meow... meow...
So we turned around and Casi met us half way to bring the cats back to mom. The kittens where pretty scared and weren't quite tamed yet (since mom and dad got them from our Aunt's barn) and one of them ran off :( it sucked! But at least one of them did get to go back to Mimi's house.
We then went on to Aunt Louise's and Uncle Brad's to spend New Years with them. It was a lot of fun to see them as they moved away from us this past summer and it has been pretty strange not having them right down the road from us. Anastasie has grown so much and she loved holding William and was so helpful keeping tabs on Pauly!
They also had some other friends there visiting them for New Years - the Maddigans! Hilarious, friendly people from the same town we live in - with super sweet kids - who helped entertain Pauly and keep him out of trouble.
We had a wonderful time on our trip (we were gone for just under two weeks!) and are glad to be home!
While we were out in the country it was nice to reflect on where I was from, what I have accomplished, what I would like to accomplish, my many many blessings God has blessed me with, and most importantly my spiritual walk.
I have a lot of personal goals and fun ideas for this blog this New Year and I can't wait to take it Day by Day with you by my side. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and May God continue to bless you in the New Year!
Love, The Lady


Jackie said...

Great Post Sami, I really did enjoy you all so much and we are so thankful that we were able to be with Paul and Bill for Christmas. I know it gets harry from time to time but I love you all so much and Pray that you will want to come "Home Again" someday soon.
to the moon

Misty said...

Sounds like a BEAUTIFUL holiday! Very lovely!

redeemed diva said...

That looked like so much fun. Those sugar cookies are awesome. Glad you got to be a little girl again! There's nothing like Christmas with your kids to make you feel so wonderful about your childhood

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