Sunday, December 20, 2009

Granny and Grandad's New Home

These are pictures of Granny and Grandad's new house. We are so happy for them... and for us - we get to go visit and enjoy their beautiful new home too! I'm putting these pics on here so we can share with the sisters scattered from North Dakota to Alaska and they can see the new house too! Isn't it awesome!!!

Pauly in Auntie Roo's old pair of glasses and playing in the same toy cupboard that all the kids have played in for years! He loved it!!! Doesn't he look like Chipmunk with the glasses?

Come on in... Isn't that a beautiful front door and Granny's new pinaner - So Nice!

Love this little window shelf! (Spare Bedroom #1 aka The Study, as Granny calls it. This is facing the front - you an see it in the piano picture a little...)

Spare Bedroom #2 (#3 spare bedroom - Guest Room and Guest Bathroom not pictured) I believe this is going to be a combo sewing room/kids room - They mentioned putting bunk beds in here for the kids to come visit. Perfect!

Old toy box in Spare Bedroom #2 - Don't you love that chair? I was trying to figure out if she would notice if it was gone... I decided she would beings there is only 2 pieces of furniture in this room so far... Love it!

Granny said! Don't take pictures of the mess! So this was my effort ... I could of done better but my baby was cryin'!

Gorgeous Cupboards and the new fridge!

Every girl loves a tidy laundry room. The washer and dryer were found on Craigslist for a Hot Deal! Go Granny!!! You know how I love Craigslist :)

Grandad's office aka The Cave where he as to go if he is in trouble :) That is what Granny said... so cute.

OMGoodness - Let me tell you about the Master! Holy Cow!
Okay two closets like this...

Two vanities like this...
a shower/tub combo...
a toilee (in it's own little tiny room w/ a door)...
And then this huge room with the awesome windows!
So awesome!
So thankful they have their new home!

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Jackie said...

Congratulate them for us Sami. So thankful they are in and enjoying it for the holdays.

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